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Aram harrow, university of washington abstract this talk will begin by justifying the first part of the title, by explaining a method to test whether a given multipartite pure state is product or far from product, given only two copies of the state next, i'll explain how this test has implications for the computational hardness of a large. Computer science thesis oral wednesday, may 11, 2016 - 10:00am in this thesis (chair) anupam gupta venkatesan guruswami aram harrow (massachusetts institute of technology) for more information, contact: keywords: thesis oral. Controllingquantuminformation thesis by andrew j landahl this thesis would not have been possible were it not from the long gingrich, salman habib, sean hallgren, jim harrington, aram harrow, patrick hayden,peterh¿yer,lawrenceip,kurtjacobs,danieljonathan. Wwwdticmil. Benjamin recht phd thesis signature page thesis advisor neil gershenfeld associate professor department of media arts and sciences aram harrow suggested a simple proof of theorem 424 along with being my co-conspirator on the. By aram wettroth harrow {aram wettroth harrow and isaac l chuang and thomas j greytak and aram wettroth harrow}, title = {thesis supervisor accepted by}, year = {2005}.

We introduce a new type of sparse css quantum error correcting code based on the homology of hypermaps sparse quantum error correcting codes are of interest in the building of quantum computers due to their ease of implementation and the possibility of developing fast decoders for them codes based on the homology of embeddings of graphs, such. Alex arkhipov: quantum computation with identical bosons wednesday, june 28, 2017 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm grier b (34-401b) speaker: alex arkhipov seminar group: thesis defenses abstract: thesis readers: aram harrow. Computational complexity in entanglement transformations by eric a chitambar aram harrow, richard jozsa, tom law-son, richard low, will matthews, carl miller, ashley montanaro, james wells, kim in this thesis. Sean hallgren contact: superpolynomial speedups based on almost any quantum circuit, with aram harrow, icalp 2008 arxiv phd thesis, university of california, berkeley, 2000 pdf an. View dave bacon's profile on linkedin phd thesis from the department of physics: decoherence, control, and symmetry in quantum computers thesis advisor: k birgitta whaley (department of dave bacon, aram harrow, isaac chuang toward a world with quantum computers communications.

Aram harrow, umesh vazirani, ronald de wolf of course i am most grateful to my friends and family for their endless support over the last years bill fefferman in this thesis we address this problem from the perspective of sampling problems. Seo aram harrow thesis and sem professionals use semrush to find the best keywords and online marketing ideas. You are cordially invited to attend the following thesis defense ''verifying quantum proofs with entangled games'' presented by april 25, 2018 time: 12:00 pm location: 6c-442 committee: aram w harrow, peter williston shor, isaac chuang best of luck to anand regards , the.

Resources: nielsen and chuang, aram harrow's thesis q2: (1) improving upon solovay-kitaev the solovay-kitaev theorem gives an algorithm for approxi-mating any unitary gate u2su(n) out of a xed set of base gates to a precision , using logc(1=. Quantum information processing in continuous time by andrew macgregor childs thesis supervisor aram harrow, bill kaminsky, seth lloyd, and peter shor in particular, i would like to thank aram harrow for commenting on chapter 6. Computer science thesis proposal wednesday, may 27 this thesis proposal is focused on designing and analyzing efficient algorithms for natural learning problems ryan o'donnell (chair) anupam gupta venkatesan guruswami aram harrow (mit_ copy of proposal summary for more information. Term papers in philippine mythical creatures aram harrow thesis thesis statement on recycling role of emilia in othello essay easy help essay what nursing means to me essay.

Aram harrow thesis

Quantum codes, correlations in physical systems the feasibility of quantum computers is closely related to efficient versions of the church-turing thesis this thesis originated in the works of church and turing in the mid-1930s is now commonly formulated as follows.

  • Andrew m childs, aram w harrow, and pawel wocjan quant-ph/0609110 proceedings of the 24th symposium on theoretical aspects of computer science (stacs 2007) phd thesis, massachusetts institute of technology.
  • Use the form below to browse or search for recipients nicholas metropolis award for outstanding doctoral thesis work in computational physics andrea cepellotti (2018) aram w harrow (2018) tom w bonner prize in nuclear physics bradley m sherrill.
  • David j rosenbaum about i received my phd in 2015 from the university of washington with paul beame and aram harrow as my advisors cv phd thesis publications aram w harrow and david j rosenbaum permutations in 2d quantum circuits in preparation, 2016.
  • Quantum computation beyond the circuit model by stephen paul jordan paper and electronic copies of this thesis document in whole or in part jeffrey goldstone, daniel gottesman, sam gutmann, aram harrow, elham kashefi, jor-dan kerenidis, ray laflamme, mike mosca.

Thesis proposals how to learn a quantum state. Graphs and their adjacency matrices aram harrow permalink here are some more elementary proofs of some of those claims they're not necessarily simpler, but they don't rely on any powerful theorems and i should be working on my thesis. Physics tree: mentors, trainees, research areas and affiliations for researcher. Aram harrow (bristol) nii, tokyo 5 feb, 2007 outline christandl, phd thesis, 2006 quant-ph/0604183 christandl, h, mitchison, on nonzero kronecker. Thesis supervisor accepted by aram harrow made some of the best corrections to this thesis, and andrew houck had some words on optics there are many people jason matthew taylor submitted to the program in media arts and sciences. @misc{harrow01quantumcompiling, author = {aram harrow and aram harrow quantum compiling and aram harrow}, title = {quantum compiling}, year = {2001}} share openurl in the first part of this thesis, we give a constructive proof of the theorem.

aram harrow thesis Quantum compiler this is a research implementation of a compiler for a quantum computer currently it supports the following algorithms: solovay-kitaev (sk) algorithm, as described by dawson/nielsen in and aram harrow in his undergraduate thesis kitaev-shen-vyalyi (ksv) algorithm, in the 2002 book by. aram harrow thesis Quantum compiler this is a research implementation of a compiler for a quantum computer currently it supports the following algorithms: solovay-kitaev (sk) algorithm, as described by dawson/nielsen in and aram harrow in his undergraduate thesis kitaev-shen-vyalyi (ksv) algorithm, in the 2002 book by.
Aram harrow thesis
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